If you haven’t watched Catastrophe on Amazon Prime Video then you are surely missing out on some of the funniest, most real comedy out there about relationships and parenthood. I didn’t know this until I started doing research for this article, but Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan are not only the namesakes of the two main characters, but also they’re the writers of this great show. Honestly up until now, I hadn’t heard of either of them, but now that I’m a HUGE fan of the show, I will watch anything either of them plays in going forward.

Basically Rob, an American, visits London on a business trip where he hooks up with Sharon, a local, for about a week. Well, we see they clearly had a good time, because she ends up knocked up! The entire show is just us following them around as they try very hard to make the best of their situation, watch them fall in love, and watch them poorly navigate parenthood.


So why am I all on this show’s jockstrap then? Well here are a few things that happened that I are hilarious and truly feel I could relate to in some way:

  1. When she was still freaking out about being pregnant and they were trying to figure out what they’re going to do, she smoked a cigarette…until she saw a friend whom she didn’t want to judge her. She basically made him pretend he was the one smoking.
    1. I was pregnant last year for the first time in my life and I realized early on that people are constantly judging your every move. It’s like they are all trying to protect your unborn child from you, like you don’t have its best interest at heart. God forbid you have that sip of wine your OB approved or you engulfed an entire froyo (did you know you shouldn’t eat soft serve?!!!)…you will basically be crucified for it if you’re caught.
    2. Oh and also the scene above, she hates the woman who is coming to talk to her, but immediately puts on a fake smile and even agrees to hang out with her. Women do this quite often. We can’t help ourselves, always teetering between hating someone’s guts, but needing them to like us for some odd reason.
  2. Her brother, Fergal, helps Rob pick out her engagement ring. The best thing is he sees a cheaper price on this amazing ring only to find out it’s actually some astronomical price so he settles for the cheaper, but obviously more “perfect for her” ring.
    1. Dudes can totally understand where he’s coming from. It’s like, you love her, but does she really need a ring that’s worth more than a brand new car? Probably not.
    2. And speaking of the proposal…all I’m going to say is obnoxious friend, drunk girl, and pee…Yes, you need to see the episode to know why all of these words make sense.
  3. Sharon finds out that being 41 means she is considered super old to be having a child so her kid is at risk of Down Syndrome. As if she isn’t stressed enough knowing she has “pre-cancer.” Yes, I said pre-cancer…you have to watch the show to see why that is significant and as sad as it sounds, the reveal is hilarious as the doctor doesn’t choose better words to describe what the problem is.
    1. Women are basically told they are too young or too old to have kids at all times. People just always have something to say. Have them before 25 and you haven’t lived your life and should have waited. Wait until your mid to late 30s and suddenly you waited too long and are risky and may die before your kid goes to college. Can’t we all just live and be happy with our decisions?
  4. Sharon invited Rob’s mother to the wedding, but the Mom doesn’t want to go until she realizes Rob’s ex girlfriend, whom she loved, was coming. Suddenly she was free.
    1. She was played by the late Carrie Fisher (R.I.P) and she is one of the best parts of the first season!! She is the mother in law from hell and Sharon has no problem telling her how she really feels.
  5. Rob gets fired via Skype.
    1. Enough said…just watch the show, lol.
  6. They name their kid Mueren. Yes, that’s a name.
    1. How well do you think people can pronounce that name? It’s hilarious to see. How many times have you re-read the name to be sure you understand it? Yep, I know…
  7. All the scenes where they’re parents…
  8. Sharon tries to force a friendship with another Mommy who’s gone back to work, but the lady basically disses her. They see her out at the movies and Rob gives that bi@$h a piece of his mind.
    1. This is one of my favorite scenes. It’s like stress is at an all time high and of all the people to see out, why would they see the mean lady who refuses to be friends with Sharon? Rob’s word vomit that he spewed all over the lady is the best!

This show is the real side of relationships. When you stop sneaking makeup on in the morning, when flatulence and pooping becomes a part of daily conversation…when you go from having sex like rabbits to barely having a sex life after having kids. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being disappointed when my relationship doesn’t measure up to the fake, perfect standards of TV couples. Let’s see the arguments, the concerns, the love, the hate, money problems, in-law problems; we need to see it all to know that we are all normal. This show is what normal looks like and it can be hilarious and annoying.

Don’t listen to me, check out the two writers in this promo video. Season 3 premieres on April 28 and looks like it’s going to be great!

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