Hi, my name is Latesha and I run the blog, The Flix Chick. I started this blog out of my love of watching movies and a lot of TV. I always value the reviews of real critics, but more so enjoy the honest reviews and thoughts that a regular person like myself has as I watch the shows out there. So much so, that I decided to share those thoughts with you.

Growing up TV and movies were a big part of my life. I got into acting at a very young age, because I always wanted my life to be like TV.

I imagined being able to walk through life like Zach Morris so that when someone said something I liked/didn’t like, or a hot guy was making me nervous, or I hated someone, everything would pause around me, the camera would zoom in and I’d talk to the audience about how I really felt about the moment.

My family spent many Christmas and Thanksgiving afternoons at the movies. Fourth of July was when we saw the latest action movie, Valentines week was when I saw the latest romantic comedy, Tuesdays was new movie release night (I miss you Best Buy, but who is still buying DVDs? Ok, I do…sometimes), and

I can’t talk to you on the phone after 8pm on Sunday through Thursday.

I think the scenes in romantic movies can be my real life, I watch shows like Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder and believe I can be a doctor or lawyer in real life. Don’t get me started on reality TV… I honestly feel I can go on Hunted and win the $250,000 because I know I can hide from the government for 28 days. But then I remember I love social media, I check in everywhere I go, I take pictures all the time, and my Mom and I don’t go more than 5 hours without speaking with each other unless we’re in bed.

Join me as I watch all your favorite shows and movies, and some you never knew you needed to see. I’ll talk about how I felt about the latest episode without giving spoilers (if there is a spoiler, I will advise you in advance), tell you the things that were great, and the things that sucked, even the things you probably didn’t notice.

Basically I say all of the things you say at home to your friends while watching all this stuff, but I say these things out loud… in a public forum.

You were thinking it, but I said it (If you’ve never seen White Chicks then that line will not resonate, lol)!!