The Detour is the show I never knew I was missing!!! My first episode was season 2 episode 3. I wasn’t watching the Daily Show at a time when Samantha Bee was heavily on there, so I don’t know much about her. But I know she’s apparently incredible and she’s one of the creators of this show, so I have high expectations.


The opening scene of this episode was enough to sell me on the show with the parents attempting to get it on and their daughter banging on the door wondering what they’re doing and why the door was locked. The Mom barely speaks above a whisper to call her a “cock block,” but of course the daughter hears her and goes around shouting it proudly because she doesn’t know what it means. Talk about hilarious and something I clearly have to look forward to once my kid gets older. I’m definitely going to be one of those parents who doesn’t sugarcoat things and uses adult language around my children with no remorse.

This episode is all about the desire or lack there of to have more children. The wife clearly wants more and the husband, not so much. I will admit that if I saw the old woman’s water breaking and listened to sad male friends talking about their lives and how easy it was to stop having kids permanently, I wouldn’t want more kids either. Especially after having already made it to the teenage years. Like, dude, you’re almost at the finish line, quit while you’re ahead.

Ugh, and the older woman is one of those annoying people who is all super into recording the birth, having a water birth without pain meds, and telling everyone how natural child birth is. Shut up lady!!! I hate those women (can you tell I just had a baby and I’m a part of a Mom group?). She should not be have children, right, how old is she?! It’s hilarious. AND her husband is so ridiculous; he’s not videotaping the birth, he is running the sound for it. Who does that?

All I kept thinking during the birth scene was how gross everything was, but it was so realistic!! I was so happy those nosey children walked in so they could be traumatized and learn they should mind their business and go away when the door is closed! Oh and to top this whole child birth scene all off, this white woman gives birth to a black baby and her white husband whispers, “black lives matter.” How funny is that!?? It’s ok to laugh…

I already love the main couple, Nate Parker (played by Jason Jones) and Robin Parker


(played by Natalie Zea) who are just your average married folks who are still attracted to each other, they have teenagers whom they are very open and honest with, and they are both hilarious in this series. My favorite line of this episode is when Nate says to Robin, “it feels like a starfish trying to pick up a quarter off a glass table.” I’ll leave you to guess what he’s referring to, and I hope you take a look at this show to see what you’re missing.

Have I not sold you yet? Well this LA Times article refers to this show as the indie film version of National Lampoon’s Vacation! Not enough? Check out this promo video:

The Detour is a Tuesday show that comes on TBS. I am now a fan and have yet another comedy to add to my roster.

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