This is an article I did for Buzzfeed sharing the 35 thoughts I had while watching the season 6 premiere of Girls. I know you had some of these same exact thoughts, so please check it out and feel free to share it if you agree 🙂

Here’s thoughts 5-10:

5. Does Shailene Woodley really open her va-jay-jay in a remote area to let sunshine in?

6. Where in the world does Hannah get her random facts?

7. Ugh, I can’t with Marnie and her online therapist! Such a millennial. Like the bad kind, not cool like me.

8. If someone stays at your apartment for months, they definitely live with you.

9. How is “probably like 15” considered a teeny, tiny, little orgy?

10. I want to be as close of friends with someone as Elijah is with Hannah.

See all 35 on Buzzfeed.

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